Ramadan Nokia Cell Phone Applications

I came across this on the Nokia site


In Othmani font and with a multi-lingual interface. Search and bookmark any Ayah or Surah. Some devices have narration by Sheikh Al-Hudhaifi.
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The Emsakya application alerts you with times for the daily prayer, Suhour and Iftar during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
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A large collection of useful information concerning fasting, Zakah Al-Fitr, the benefits of Laylat Al-Qadr and the I’tekaf.
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Hajj & Umrah:
A mobile guide for both journeys with multimedia content in addition to the most famous places that you can visit on the way.
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Create your own Mobile Greeting Cards for different occasions and then send them to family and friends via SMS or MMS.
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Read a large collection of daily Azkar and selected supplications with voice and SMS or MMS the Azkars to friends.
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They also have wallpapers. 

As with anything, be sure to check the source of any material you come across and its authenticity


Ramadan Around the World

Be sure to stop by TJ Ramadan’s “Ramadan Around the World” feature to learn how Muslims in 23 countries around the world(all continents, except Antarctica)  celebrate Ramadan. 


You’ll find a special activity pack for kids to go with your study of Ramadan Around the World.  The sbove link is the correct link for the activity packet. A link to this activity appears in the Ramadan 25-27 lessons, but has a typo, so please use this link.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Ramadan…

This is a repost from last year. from the TJ blog)………………


It’s beginning to look a lot like Ramadan…….

(My kids assembled this “collage” )

With Ramadan less than two weeks away, it’s beginning to look like it. Well actually it started about 3 weeks ago, most notably in the food retail sector.  I thought I would share a little of what its like here as Ramadan approaches……



If you walk into a grocery store, whether the small neighborhood stores or the big modern supermarkets, you see signs of Ramadan.


Huge pyramids of products that are eaten/purchased during Ramadan tower high above you.


Some of the things that are considered Ramadan products (though are sold year around, just not in such extravagant displays.):


This was the first thing I noticed go up.  Although Quaker oatmeal is sold here, it’s more expensive than the Saudi/Middle Eastern brands that you typically see stacked up.  A can of the Saudi produced runs about $1.00 – $1.50.  I had intended on posting pictures of the store displays but sometimes the personnel get a little paranoid or something…..so I have taken some pictures of some of the products that I have purchased.



Again, these are sold year around, but they also have large displays of these this time of the year. 


Mishmish sheets.  (Apricot). They kind of remind me of a thick “fruit rollup” that is sold in the states.  In Egypt, my first experience with this was a drink (called Qamr al deen) that was made from putting the pulp in water and letting it dissolve.  I mention this on TJ Ramadan’s Recipe page: http://tjramadan.talibiddeenjr.amanahwebs.com/ramadanrecipes.htm  and have another recipe for a pudding made with the mishmish sheets. My kids like eating it plain as well. 


Powdered Milk.

Again, sold year around but I guess lots of yummy Ramadan goodies are made with it so the displays are even larger than usual.


Also, on the street (and in stores) you will see larger than usual candy displays.  Typically many smaller grocery stores will set up a mini store outside of their store that sells candies, nuts, etc.


In the grocery store, you will see many products that come with a free Ramadan gift such as a dish or bowl.  Last year, after Ramadan I bought a huge can of powdered milk and it came with a pot with a deep fryer basket. 


Typically sold only during Ramadan (though I have spotted some “out of season”) these are fried up by street vendors and restaurants.  They are a triangle shaped filled pastry. For recipes and pictures, see TJ Ramadan’s Recipe page: http://tjramadan.talibiddeenjr.amanahwebs.com/ramadanrecipes.htm  They usually start selling them the first day of Ramadan right after asr. 


As far as non-food items, last year I remember some stores put up lights, but I notice most of the signs of Ramadan are food related, either for suhoor or iftar.


I hope to post a few stories about what its like during Ramadan here, so insha Allah stay tuned……


Ramadan is approaching…

Alhamdulilah, the month of Ramadan is drawing near (~September 1, 2008 )

TJ Ramadan has loads of Ramadan resources for observing and learning about Ramadan such as daily lessons for kids, activity pages, Ramadan recipe links, Ramadan crafts, and more.


Important Note:

TJ Ramadan gets a lot of traffic during Ramadan alhamdulillah.  TJ Ramadan shares server space with 3 other of TJ’s sites so the bandwidth may be exceeded. It has been exceeded several months this year already outside of Ramadan season.  Point:  Once my bandwidth is reached, none of the sites can be accesses until the next month. So if you see anything that you want, its best to grab it  in the first few weeks of the month. Of course, you can also email with small requests for files and I will try to email them as soon as I can.

Welcome to TJ Ramadan’s Companion Blog!

Welcome to TJ Ramadan’s Companion Blog.

Insha Allah I will be posting updates to TJ Ramadan here as well as tips for getting ready for and observing Ramadan.

Why another site?

1. Well, my computer is down and I usually update TJ Ramadan with offline files and upload to the ‘net. Now, without my computer, I have to update online, which right now, is a little more tedious.

2. I wanted to have useful information about getting ready for Ramadan, (which is just a small portion of the TJ Ramadan site) in one handy quick place for myself and busy moms (and others) like me to have quick access to useful Ramadan resources.